A Case Study in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Molnlycke is a world leader in pressure ulcer prevention and management. Their products, including the Mepilex series of wound dressings, feature science-driven technology, backed by stacks of peer-reviewed research that objectively support performance claims. Unfortunately, Molnlycke found that many of its competitors were making similar claims without evidence, and promoting lower unit costs without addressing the negative impact created to quality care and outcomes created by inferior-performing “me-too” products. Our assignment was to bring Molnlycke’s commitment to science to the forefront and to make it difficult for lesser products to make superior claims.

The Client:

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Our work was truthful and bold. Not only did we focus on the proprietary features of Molnlycke’s Mepilex wound dressings, we emphasized the cost benefits of our products to clinicians and procurement.

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Using video storytelling to communicate Mölnlycke’s expertise in wound management. The videos centered around the four key factors that contribute to the development of pressure ulcers.

The results

The Results:

In only six months, the negative trend Mepilex sales was experiencing, was replaced with record sales. New account acquisition reached a new high. And a brand that was under intense pressure, began to feel relief.

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