Rubbing it in.

The Job:

Transdermal Therapeutics is the nation’s fastest growing compounding pharmacy, specializing in the precision formulation of topical ointments that deliver real relief right where it hurts. The benefits? No addiction, no overdose. The problem? Competing with Big Pharma and monster budgets that have contributed to opioid prescriptionsand abusebeing at an all-time high.

The Client:

The Solution:

  • Create a brand that focuses on topical delivery of pain medicine as a viable alternative to pain killers taken by mouth.
  • Focus on market segments that are hardest hit by pain medicine addiction, including veterans.
  • Offset budget challenges by taking a regional approach, focusing on areas of the country that have the highest concentration of pain med addiction.

Gus DuBois, MDFounder

“They took the time to understand our business and addressed every aspect from external branding to sales support.”

The Results:

The Results:

  • Streamlined communication between corporate and field offices resulting in better support for sales team.
  • 25% Increase in sales in a 6-month period