In a recent study conducted by Facebook, they looked at audience attention on their mobile platforms and saw that people’s eyes stayed on video ads longer than static ads. Facebook video ads create a great opportunity to capture attention and drive brand awareness for businesses as well as drive conversions. But to make video ads the most effective they can be, they need to be optimized for mobile. Here are some tips to help you make your assets better for mobile.

1. Make static images into video ads on Facebook with a slideshow

The slideshow feature makes it easy to create video ads from images that you already have without adding production to the mix, making this a quick fix and easy to make. You can create these Facebook Slideshow Ads on your phone or desktop from images you have, or you can choose from free stock photography, video-editing tools and music. These ads are ideal when targeting those with slow connections, because slideshows will load quicker than videos.

2. Trim the video

When people use social media, they tend to scroll through content pretty quickly, so you need to make sure that the video is able to be seen fully while scrolling through. If you have a video that its 60 seconds long you can trim, it and choose the most important 10 to 15 seconds. By shortening the video, the ad will not only optimize for mobile, but it will also ensure that your ads will be placed in-stream.

3. Crop

When viewing content on a phone, people will usually hold their phone vertically. That means that the screen space availed for video is 9:16. This is easy to do when placing a video in ads manager. The automatic cropping tool will detect the focal point and automatically crop the video to the ratio of your choice.

4. Sound: On and Off

People often view video without the sound playing, to combat this try adding subtitles to help deliver the message even when the sound isn’t playing.

5. Branding

Don’t forget to add your brand message at the beginning and/or end of the video. People view content quickly and having your message at the beginning will give it a better chance of being seen but having it at the end will keep your brand at the top of the viewers mind.

Following these five tips will help your brands ads stand out from the competition.

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