The Pigskin vs.The Pig-headed.

The Job:

How do you get men, who are notoriously stubborn about all things health related, to bite on the idea of going to the doctor? A steady diet of football, of course.And while Jordy Nelson had their attention, we worked in some trickeration around self-exams and made it easy to get a doctor’s appointment for a checkup.Three thousand new patients later, it was game over.

The Client:

The Solution:

•  Challenge men to do what real men do by taking care of themselves so they can take of others.

•  Remove barriers to use by creating an easy, affordable exam.   

•  Target men with the message, and then deliver it to the women in their lives.

Marc StricklinCreative Director

“There’s probably nothing harder than to get healthy men to go to the doctor, but we cracked the code—big time.”