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The Job:

We first had the chance to work with Bellin Health in 1999 when the health system was facing increased competition and for the first time in its 100-plus year history was going to have to embrace marketing if it wanted to continue to survive and thrive. We are proud that we continue to work with Bellin Health today and have throughout the years achieved some amazing things.

The Client:

The Solution:

•  The creation of the Cancer Team, an endeavor that required a total reworking of the cancer patient experience and was named a best practice by JACHO.

•  Innovations like Same Day Mammogram Results, 3 Days from Diagnosis to Treatment Options and Ultrafast CT screenings that have saved countless lives from heart disease.

•  The building of Northeast Wisconsin’s most comprehensive Heart and Valve program.

•  The branding of Bellin’s robotic surgery program that was the first ever to focus not on the technology, but on the surgeon’s using it.

• The creation of a continuum of care from FastCare retail health to Urgent Care to the retooling of primary care with programs like open access and same day scheduling.

•  The building of a comprehensive Women’s program, including a Pelvic Center.

•  Helping Bellin Run become one of the largest and most important 10K runs in the country.

•  The creation of one of the most recognizable brands for any company in the entire region.

Lauren BuppAccount Coordinator

“It’s just a fact of life that as budgets become smaller, ideas have to be bigger. And everyone has to work smarter."