Turning a commodity into a premium.

The Job:

Health insurance isn’t just getting more expensive; it’s getting harder to understand. Plus, more and more consumers are viewing health insurance as a commodity differentiated mostly by price. To make a difference, we had to find a way to position Security Health Plan on something other than price alone.

The Client:

The Solution:

•  Acknowledging all the things we worry about that cause us to think about health insurance.

•  Take away fears by offering great products, rates, and something called No Worries Member Support

•  Uncover everything we could about each market segment, from Young Invincibles to Medicare eligible.

•  Create, compelling, specific messaging for every stage of life.   

•  Target, target and then target some more.

•  Track activity, optimize campaign and repeat. 

Lauren BeasonDirector of Project Management

“We identified channels that allowed a local brand to outshine national competitors. Then crushed every goal. That’s providing security for a client whose mission is to do the same.”