The internet has evolved to make our lives easier over the course of just a few decades, but this new age of convenience can come with a cost.

Government sites and companies with access to confidential information are also at risk due to the volumes of confidential information they have access to. So, what can you do to stop this from happening to you?

You can help to protect yourself from the prying eyes of a hacker by implementing these 5 tips:

Beware of Scammers

Scammers can take many forms such as websites, emails, even a fake business. Simply by clicking a link you are inviting hackers to take a look into all of your personal information. The simplest piece of advice to prevent this from happening is to avoid clicking on any suspicious looking links because odds are that Nigerian Prince emailing you doesn’t actually want to send you a portion of his fortune.

Keep Up With the Joneses (or in this case software updates)

By not updating your software you are making yourself vulnerable to cyber security threats. Try making a habit of keeping all of your devices up to date–this will make them run smoother and safer. Your smart devices make this process even easier by offering an automatic update application.

Always Use Virus Protection

Ad blockers, firewalls, and virus protection all provide an extra layer of security to your computer. You should always have a form of these necessary protections on your computer, but don’t forget to do some research in order to find which product best meets your needs.

P@ssword123 just isn’t going to cut it

Avoid using a password that uses your name, birthday, or any other sensitive information. Instead, try using a password that includes numbers, special characters, and capital letters. Avoid using reoccurring passwords as well. This makes a hacker’s job a lot easier and increases the chances of your other accounts becoming compromised as well.

Not All WiFi is Created Equal

Free and open WiFi can pose a risk to your devices upon connection. Open networks make those who are connected easy targets for hackers trying to intercept your data. So, before you connect be sure to turn off any programs that allow you to share files.

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